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pro tips

free flow of materials, light hands steering

You would like beautiful stitches or punchwork placed as desired and your machine would like a free flow of all materials delivered to it. Having set up your machine for the materials intended, your job is to gently steer and maintain the flow.

spooling off  

While feeding fabric for dogs-up practical and decorative stitches, gently steer fabric ahead of the needle.


Smoothly move the base fabric for free-motion activities like thread painting, quilting and punchwork. 

pending upload

more spooling off for overlocker, metallic thread, embroidery, etc.

  • avoid shoving or pulling materials

  • check for hang ups like materials getting caught on something

  • use notions that help direct and keep the flow going

  • relax your hands using soft fingertips and palms up in just a bit of a gentle arc

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