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There's an old expression...
"Color gets all the credit while value does all of the work." Strong designs often look good in gray-scale too.

To boost color perception here are some fiberella resources...

place holder for color chips.JPG

Stitch Color Chips for Thread! Isacord is my go-to embroidery thread. I love its particular level of sheen and smooth high-speed performance. The lovely sheen does make comparing and evaluating color a challenge on its spools. Light strikes the cylindrical shape dropping shadows and bouncing highlights. As flat chips, in quiet natural light, you will really get to know your colors. I find these indispensible. Audition colors side-by-side, build project palettes and slip onto a bias tape, ribbon or binder ring to take along fabric shopping, etc. Thread color numbers are embroidered in! Stitch some for yourself, in-the-hoop on OESD Aquamesh. Cutwork files are also included. Use the site PURCHASE button to locate digital downloads.

visual color mixing, free webinar

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