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Quantum Felting... Vessels
Elegant Evening Shawl
The Art Scarf
Happiness Bag
Garment Makeover
Intro to Land & Seascapes
Luscious Fruit
Create Embellishment with
     Machine Felting

Creative Embellishment
     Especially for Quilts

Pintuck Landscapes
Color My World
New Vistas
Intuitive Landscape Quilt
Carpe Diem... Abstraction
     Inspired by the Land

Machine Felting Quilts
Tinted Wholecloth
Create Your Own Free-motion


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Quantum Felting... Vessels
Fiberella String Theory, Chaos & the Third Dimension!

Travel from station-to-station at the speed of color and light. OK… This is not rocket science but these felting techniques are a tiny bit more intricate at the fingertips.* Decorative stitch, a touch of beginner software & embroidery are mixed in with lots of machine felting. You'll create gorgeous textured fabric and a design theme. EnJOY assembling your unique vessel using very basic sewing and beginner serger skills.  So shake off your fear of technology and come take a leap!
        *NOTE: Newbies are welcome to learn intricate felting skills!

    Intention, Expression & the Vessel
    Harmonious Color Fields
    How Color Affects Shape Perception
    A Conversation of Shapes… Symbols, Sequences & Scale
    Selection & Arrangement of Motifs
    Color Balance through Layering
    The Broken Line & the Illusion of Form
    Stitch as Glaze
    Fiberella String Theory… Relativity through Color
    Comets & Serger Tails
    The Outer Fringe
    3D Free-Form Style…. How to make your next vessel an original shape



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Elegant Evening Shawl
Textural Temptations with Machine Needle Felting

EnJOY the day. Layer, collage and machine needle felt fabulous fabrics and fibers. Create a shawl with motifs or patterns that reflect your personal style; ornate-to-minimalist designs are there for you to select from. Paula delivers a “follow along” class with creative options.

These are simple yet innovative embellishment techniques that don't use any thread. You'll refine important and basic machine felting skills as you create unexpected new colors and build a some tempting textures.

A gorgeous final color palette will emerge from the random bouquet of silk fabrics that you bring to class; combined with roving selections Fiberella provides. This day and this project are truly a treat for the eye and fingertips.

 Make it yours!

One day workshop


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The Art Scarf
An Introduction to Machine Needle Felting
Connect more than fiber and fabric.
Connect to your own creativity and to a community
of textile enthusiasts!

The excitement of new color and texture arriving simultaneously will draw you in. Join Paula, an internationally known pioneer of machine felting for a special beginner-friendly adventure. Just imagine thread-less fabric collage: making new colors without dyes and textures without stitch. Experience surprise and an easy natural beauty using a variety of materials. Go home with a wearable art scarf, a wealth of new creative techniques and the memory of an intriguing adventure.

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Four hour workshop

Happiness Bag
Textural Temptations at Your Fingertips

A “wonder-filled” first time adventure, follow along with Paula Scaffidi, aka Fiberella. You'll discover how quickly and easily you can create with machine needle felting. EnJOY fabrics and fibers in colors you love. Learn to make and use “new fabrics”, embellishing a great little handbag with personal pizazz. Walk out done in three hours. And the best part? You will have enough embellished fabric and base fabric to create a second handbag at your leisure. With your creativity turned on (you can bead it, embroider it, serge it…) you'll want to try out more than one idea to make it your very own. So it's the best of both worlds… one to keep, and one to give.

Double  Happiness
This is a very relaxed all day version of The Happiness Bag... Double Happiness means more time to experiment and embellish. Make two small bags or a large one.

   Three hour workshop


or the ...NEW!
Double Happiness
One day workshop

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Garment Makeover
Upcycle an old sweater or transform a new
one into Art-to-Wear

This is your introduction to art-to-wear with machine needle felting. Enjoy creating a wardrobe addition that's fresh, expressive, contemporary and highly wearable. Garment specific embellishment techniques and  design options lead the way.
This is a transforming felting adventure...
...a more creative you in a refreshed and renewed garment. ALL levels welcome.


 Garment Makeover
Currently featuring sweaters...

Two day workshop


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One day workshop

Intro to Land and Seascapes

How do textile design, needle felting and your collective memory all fit together? Easily... when you find out how wonderfully direct and simple machine needle felting is to create with! Join Paula for this playful introduction to creating Land & Seascapes with machine needle felting. Paula will share new landscape specific techniques and a wealth of little gems that will stir the creative design process along. No drawing or sewing skills necessary, honest! Before you know it, your imagination and fingertips will be enjoying the sights while taking your own travel vacation.



Luscious Fruit
Shaded Appliqué with Machine Felting

 Explore the basics of machine felting while
 creating a soft, fuzzy peach, shiny cherries
 and dimensional velvet leaves. A useful
 lesson in gradual color blending is sure to
 please the eye. Clarify where-to-place and
 how-to-shape convincing highlights and
 shadows. It's easy. These pleasurable skills
 yield soft-to-the-touch washable imagery;
 excellent for use in quilts, garments, fiber

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     Three hour workshop

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Create Embellishment with Machine Felting

Layer fabulous materials and fibers. Enjoy felting new fabrics and exploring
cut shapes. Create a colorful, textural idea-book for quilts, garments or dolls.
Come meet your muse!

One half or one day workshop...
Fiber and yarn techniques (Paula can present half or all of these)

One half or one day
Fabric techniques
(Paula can present half or all of these)


Two Day Workshop...
Complete Fiberella glossary of techniques for fiber, yarn and fabric
Plus a bit of time to explore design while practicing your new skills

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Creative Embellishment
Especially for Quilts

Adding textural temptations to your quilts has never been more exciting.  Delight in the natural softness of the world's finest roving as you create an original embellished quilt block. Find out how to use fabric prints as inspiration for embellishment and “color” fabrics to piece with. You'll learn three  felting techniques for  creating washable embellishments; they're visually pleasing and alluring to the touch. And before you know it … you'll discover your free-motion skills have improved without effort. You'll know lots about the new needle felting... after just once around the block. Great fabric value lesson included. Embellishing your quilts has never been this much fun before!


Three hour workshop

Four hour workshop
 includes free-motion
 techniques to attach

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A decorative stitching, felting and piecing adventure

Learn to look at decorative stitches in a refreshing new way! Create an abstract design that evokes the sound of surf and warmth of the sun. With Paula's easy going layering and assembly style, there's relaxed visual play until day's end. You'll emerge with fresh ideas for using both decorative stitches and felting in quilts, handbags, home dec, etc.
                                                             Its a whole new way of quilting!


One half day workshop for a mini wallhanging
One day workshop for  either a tote, pillow cover or wallhangning


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Another innovative idea...
Paula's favorite new way to “sketch”

Paula says, “I love the natural feeling of stitching some lines before adding in shapes and color. It's direct, adventurous... and risks very little in time or materials.

Sketching, forming ideas directly in-the-cloth is the best way I know to develop and expand skills, learn new techniques and explore ideas.

Pintuck Landscapes
A Pintuck & Felting Adventure

Explore landscape design and technique in a fluid and fresh sketchbook process from Fiberella. Stitch and “color”, tuck and machine needle felt.... and trees, land forms, water, atmosphere and clouds will appear!

When you experience firsthand this two day “mini retreat” with Paula, you'll master handling and maneuvering the techniques in Paula's free Pintuck Landscape tutorial. Also included in this two day hands-on experience are a few extra felting techniques, pintuck pivoting and layering. As your creative guide Paula's brings abundant design prompts, samples and offers encouraging personal interaction with students.
Sew.........s t r et c h...... and sketch!  



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View this Landscape with Embellishment

Four hour workshop
Freely piece and design a landscape block.

Color My World
Simply Pieced Free-Form Landscapes

Quilters sew a small landscape of their own design with Paula's friendly piecing techniques that allow you to design-as-you-go. We will keep the sewing simple and discover ways to let the fabric selection do most of the work. Don't worry if you cannot draw or have never pieced curves before ... not necessary. Paula walks you through the basic elements in a landscape as you are opening your eyes to nature's changing palette.


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In one half or one day...
Learn to freely piece
an original land or seascape

& Add one half or one day
for each segment of
New Vistas embellishment


New Vistas
Introduction to Land & Seascapes for Quilters

Playful introduction to piecing land or seascapes (see Color My World above) coupled with one or more layers of added embellishment.

After piecing... New Vistas embellishment options include:
Felt & Embellish...   Machine needle felting for added color and texture
Stitch & Embellish... Stitched textural effects for the landscape: couching, tucks,
                                           snippet thread lace & more
Free-motion Perspective... Quilt it with convincing depth, detail & a breeze or two

Art basics combine with friendly cutting and sewing techniques so you can enJOY design-as-you-go piecing. With just a few cotton fabrics you'll learn all you need to know to freely piece any landscape, large or small. No drawing or  curved piecing skills necessary… honest!

Wait ‘til you see how quickly and beautifully you can add needle felted or sewn details, adding light, shade and texture to your landscape. Tweaking colors (and covering areas you wish to hide :-) has never been easier after piecing

New Vistas is all about enhancing the way you view your world & textiles!

View this Landscape Pre-Embellishment

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Intuitive Landscape Quilt
Suddenly an artist emerges from their work
  and sees it for the very first time
             It's a crystal clear moment,
                              captured from the sequence of time

Design, piece and quilt an original landscape quilt. From a lifelong bank of memories find out how to pluck ideas normally hidden from view. Tried and true methods bring these memories to the surface; and the imagery arrives more easily than you might expect.

Working at a lively and steady pace, learn Paula's approach for fast sewn-in texture; assembling a medium sized quilt top simultaneously with the texture. And then learn to quilt your design creatively using a walking foot. Learning about color and design plays a major role in this workshop. With all but the binding complete.... your expressive original work will emerge. Embrace the journey!

NOTE: This quilting workshop uses only a basic sewing foot and a walking foot.

Five day workshop


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NEW CLASS for 2010
Carpe Diem... Abstraction Inspired by the Land

 A design and piecing adventure will beckon everyone
 on a journey. Learn to compose intriguing abstract
 art. Find out what abstraction is; and how a landscape
 can inspire expressive artistic statements in cloth.

The silent language of pieced color, shape, line and value
 will shape the feeling.  Leave behind the fuss of pins for
 smooth, elegant mastery of curved sewing. Enjoy sewing
 spontaneously... creating fluid lines, neatly fitting
 straight and curved shapes together; without templates or
 pattern pieces. Work within a palette and stretch your
 ability to make color and value work for you.

 Satisfy eye, mind and hand as you compose a
 non representational inner landscape. Seize the day!
Prerequisite: Must have some very basic experience
 sewing 1/4” seams. That's it! :-)



Two day workshop
optional accents of machine felting for students with basic felting experience

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Five day workshop
Learn to work spontaneously and generate new ideas. Then develop a wall hanging from a favorite small composition.

Machine Felting Quilts
Creating a Lush Surface

Spark your creativity. Come dive into the pure fun of machine
needle felting with Paula Scaffidi, AKA Fiberella. You'll learn
a wide variety of machine felting techniques particularly
useful in the art of quilt making.

The main focus of this workshop is learn methods of
incorporating machine felting in quilts. This is done at
various stages of the quilting process: first, middle and last ...
offering many colorful and texturally exciting layering
processes to explore.

Guided through the creative use of resource photos, you'll
produce a small technique glossary and three quilt art pieces
(small to medium in size): wholecloth, pieced & felt only.

Build a foundation in design basics while exploring fresh techniques for combining felting & quilts!

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One day workshop
Create a Mini Textile Sketchbook

Free-Motion Stitch & Textural Embellishment

It's a day brimming with the joy of new found skills. Find out how to turn triangles into leaves, circles into flowers... and triangles with circles into ice-cream cones! You'll develop confidence in free-motion stitching as you begin to discover your own freestyle without marking. A bit of machine felting is optional, adding even more fun to the day. Find out how to create  3D embellishments and “color map” for stitching. Either way, you'll free-motion all day building skills and creating a little sample book full of ideas for your own style of quilt making. Take home a smile and a new sense of adventure... all bundled in a mini textile sketchbook.


Half day workshop
Create a small wall hanging instead of a mini sketchbook

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One day workshop:
Create a Small Wall hanging

Tinted Wholecloth
Leaf & Floral Free-motion

All levels are welcome in this relaxing day of free-motion felting and stitching. Learn several techniques to felt  and “tint” your fabric;  for color and also as a way of marking your quilt. Find out how to balance various weights of thread and thread types for beautiful stitches. No two flowers alike... join us and stitch your own floral fantasy.

Three hour workshop: Create Sketchbook Pages

Use beautiful, delicate shading to “color map” and simplify free-motion without marking. Choose traditional designs, abstraction or imagery. Layering felting and free-motion adds a new twist to wholecloth quilting.


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Create Your Own Free-Motion Designs
Dancing with Thread


Three hour workshop...
Perceptual skills with paper & pencil
One day workshop...
Motor and perceptual skills combined: hands-on stitching & paper and pencil
One or 1.5 day workshop...
All of the above with the practice time needed to develop more skills and ideas

Extra Add-Ons
One Hour Creative Suggestions & Solutions... Quilt Those Tops!
Discuss selection and placement of stitch design, stitch density and thread

Two Hour Hands-on Conclusion... Done is Always Better
Assemble sketchbooks or work directly on tops

You've stippled and squiggled, and maybe even swirled; what's next? Learn to visualize and stitch your own continuous line designs with little or no marking. Clouds, flowers, mazes, feathers, shoes, hands, birds, cats, dragonflies, ginkgo leaves, the feeling of water ...images, textures and patterns you desire become possible using simplified shapes and a new awareness of negative space. Bring along a yet-to-be-quilted project for design ideas and to stitch when you are ready. Gaining comfortable skills and design tools will surely bring your own ideas to life. Learn to free-motion creatively, happily and with confidence! Basting tips and methods will also be included.

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