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A SewGlow Experiment

Here I'm having fun exploring stitch on top of
   needlepunched roving.

 The stabilizer is
OESD’s Aqua Mesh, a water
   soluble wonder! I don't always
   use a stabilizer, but at times it
   is extremely helpful.


It was just begging for stitches...

The elements to the right are part of The Art Scarf, my first travel teaching course in needlepunch.

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Here's a short, silent video clip from my early days teaching. No... it's not in black and white! I'm old, but not that old.  I still use a similar method to create a one-off motif, because it's a good way to place coloration exactly where you'd like it, and at the specific size needed for your project. Basically you are making felt, placing color and shaping a motif all in one step.

In the years since, Ive developed more methods to efficiently create soft, drape-able, washable embellishment. The fun is still as exciting as it was the very first time.

Click here to view my near-vintage silent video clip, creating the pale maple leaf shown in the photo above.
Oh...all video clips  these days have quality sound and improved clarity. Running with the new tech...

Click on Resources
to find the original PDF tutorial.


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