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Most recent, April 5, 2016


Have you seen the BERNINA Rotary Punch Tool in action?
video clip: felt appliqué on linen*
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Free Fiberella Tutorials
a 24 page color booklet I authored and below, landscape & leaf

Looking for colorful mini projects that are not necessarily needlepunch?
Click site button Create then its daughter button it’s simple

Have a Peek....

It was my honor to help develop this tool. The amount of care BERNINA
invests to develop its innovative products and accessories is impressive.

The BERNINA rotary punch tool #45 is naturally playful
       and expands creative horizons for everyone.



Rena brings a Native American feeling to her sweater design...

Fiberella_BERNINA_rotary_punch_Rena sweater front with leaves

She plans to tuck a few felt leaves into a fold
                                                   of an asymmetric collar.

Fiberella_BERNINA_rotary_punch_Rena sweater front

  Carol creates with abandon completing two sweaters in a flash!

Rena's sleeves are pinned and ready for a creative adventure.

Elaine explores fresh rotary techniques with her nicely
balanced sweater sketch in mind.


Donna delights in the rotary tool abilities.
She prefers a delicate-heirloom-touch and discovers
that the BERNINA rotary punch tool lends itself to all styles of personal mark-making.



Teresa admires everyone's results!

A Sweater Project
from Fiberella...


Find this creative sweater project from Paula in...

Designer Needle Felting
Published by Lark Books

Free Tutorials from Fiberella

Pintuck Landscapes with machine felting... It feels so natural to indicate a few
lines before adding color. (This is
the opposite of quilting!)

After stitching you can color between the lines or across them with fiber. Blur the lines here and there. Or make them disappear entirely. Beginner landscape design tips included.
View and print this free tutorial here



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Leaf Tutorial... This was the very first machine needle felting tutorial published on the internet, worldwide. It's in the Library of Congress!
The BERNINA rotary punch tool #45 expands the possibilities enormously and well beyond what was possible back then. Still a usable fiberella-technique, it remains here for you to print and to view. Learn how the lighter leaf shown below was created.

Use this Fiberella technique to create soft, washable motifs.
Vary the thickness to alter the drape.
Make a leaf, or let your imagination take its own shape.

Click below to view my original 2003 video demos. I demo making the pale yellow leaf shown
 below. These were the first online needlepunch tutorials, worldwide!

Tack the roving lightly at first      Blending colors     Adding soft vein lines      Adding crisper lines 


Please note... no sound accompanies the videos.

Click here for Free Leaf Directions (.pdf)


This is an old style
machine felting foot.


   For more resources, including stitch, CutWork,
   digitizing and more,

         enJOY free-views on my eLearning site
         and all the great resources on BERNINA



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